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Recent Projects VOGUE Portugal

VOGUE Portugal

Project Scope
UX / Ui Web Design, CMS System

Tightly bound by their global design manual while working for VOGUE Portugal, we tried to make their web design reflect the individual essence of the company´s Portuguese branch.

Jozef Jagušák Project Manager

Lisbon Landing

After VOGUE Portugal moved to Lighthouse Publishing, they instantly understood that the magazine´s web needs some refurbishment - from within and without. Their online version desperately called for a modern CMS publishing system to secure fast and smooth loading of big data and also to enable easy administration of the advertising space for their clients. In addition, there was some work to be done regarding the front-end and the web structure which needed rearranging. With this information we – for the first time – landed in Lisbon.

Vogue Portugal
Project Management: Jozef Jagušák Jr., Web Design: Lukáš Vavrinec, Development: Lukáš Knotek


No web publishing can do without a proper CMS. The system which powered VOGUE Portugal was used up and out of date. We developed and programmed a new one – tailor-made and user-friendly – which, apart from content management, enables easy administration of advertising space.


Hora da sesta, escrevo depois

Web Design

In our designing work we had to keep the purity, well-organized structure, user comfort and clearly defined recipient of the web. After we had finished the task, the VOGUE Portugal web didn´t lose a bit from its prestigious looks, in which the published content and dynamic advertisements are two complementary parts of one working whole.