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Recent Projects Smart Light

Smart Light

Project Scope
UX / UI Design, Development, Graphic Design, 3D

We had a two-year contract with Smart Light lighting studio. During that time we provided them with their first print catalogue of light fixtures, new website and a number of creative custom solutions.

Jozef Jagušák Sr., CEO

Guide to the World of Lighting

Smart Light lighting studio brings the production of several world-renowned producers of light fixtures to Slovak market. The studio holds a couple of prestigious awards for their lighting solutions and thousands of implemented projects per annum. However, it was only with us that they finally got their first thorough catalogue of best selling light fixtures – both in its printed and online versions.

Smart Light
Print: Jozef Jagušák Sr., Milan Mikula, Martin Marko; Online: Jozef Jagušák Sr., Jozef Jagušák Jr., Lukáš Vavrinec, Lukáš Knotek

Online Catalogue

Thanks to the online catalogue the customers are, for the first time, able to handle their chosen items right at the studio´s web page. It offers an option to create a personalized list of items which can be submitted to a Smart Light specialist for their professional review.


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Mobile Version

From the beginning, our web solution counted on its complete and well-tuned mobile version which would allow the customers to enjoy the very best of the web on their tablets or a smartphones.

Print Version

In their first print catalogue – Guide to the World of Lighting (Sprievodca osvetlením 19) – we combined minimalistic design and a well-organized structure of chosen light fixtures. In the same time, it stands as their first thorough print communication tool which promotes the brand´s values and major implemented projects of the Smart Light studio.

When under contract with Smart Light, our main strength was a good knowledge of their core business.

Jozef Jagušák Sr. CEO RECO

Brand Video Commercial

The commercial was part of the online advertising campaign which was focused on a narrow group of architects and developers – thanks to the data obtained by online analythical tools. The video shows a real reference to the studio´s dynamic lighting solution of the Twin City Tower façade in Bratislava.

Web Design

For our client, the Smart Light studio, we developed a graphically up-to-date and technologically mature web with a customized CMS. Due to the impact on its modularity, the web is quite versatile and ready to fulfill our client´s requirements.

Dodas 06:32 AM

Three more lighting brands! And now what?

Lukas 06:40 AM

No worries, mate! Piece o´cake.

Dodas 07:17 AM

OK, make it bigger, then..


Our hardest time, while developing the online catalogue, was when we tried to synchronize it with their “Pohoda” accounting and warehouse system. Even though not complying with the e-shop criteria, the system had to show real figures of the stored goods.


Fuses blowing?! Call to Pohoda!