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Project Scope
Branding, Graphic Design, 3D, DTP, Product Photography

When you get exclusivity as a service supplier from a client active in lighting industry, there´s just one option – you must become expert on lighting yourself.

Jozef Jagušák Sr., CEO

20 years with OMS

Thanks to our work for OMS we gained higher proficiency in big volume data processing, as well as in photo shooting and 3D modelling of a non-standard product specimen. There is nothing like client with which you can grow, helping each other to do so.

Art Director: Jozef Jagušák Sr., Milan Mikula; 3D: Martin Marko, Photography: Milan Noga


Pure typography with a raster of points in corporate colours helped to unite the company logo with the product lines of ADVANCED, ELITE and UNOLUX.


At 3.00 a.m.: “Thanks, Vlado.”

Product Catalogues

OMS is a producer of a vast range of lighting fixtures. Our first challenge to meet was the functionality and clear structure of the catalogue, which possessed a massive load of technical data. It took 5 years of mutual effort to build the structure and another 15 to bring it to perfection.

Graphic Concept

Years of cooperation produced a number of promotion materials, including a couple of extraordinary design publications which stand out, even if we take into account the context of contemporary design.

In more than 20 years we have provided OMS with more than 250 product catalogues and promotion materials with several language versions.

Jozef Jagušák Sr. CEO RECO

We have been literally working together since OMS entered the market. The amount of work kept growing hand in hand with the growth of the company. Step by step, from the first branding and product catalogues, we broadened the range of our cooperation to other media.

After their new Research and Development Centre was opened we massively supported it providing OMS with all due promotion materials and information brochures which now form the company´s knowledge base. These promotion materials accompanied OMS at all the important international business events.

Twenty years of shared knowledge taught us that, even though the product is the same, you don´t necessarily have to be fed up with it. Everytime there is a space for improvement, there are no limits for creativity and each new product or technology moves the boundaries of “possible” a bit further.

Jožko 02:00 AM

You´re flying to Frankfurt tomorrow. J.J.

Dodo 02:15 AM

To buy some sausages?

Jožko 02:17 AM

To shoot a video. On a trade fair. J.J.