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Recent Projects IXPO

IXPO Technology Festival 2019

Project Scope
IXPO Offline & Online Visual Identity, UX / Ui Web Design, Development

When the idea of IXPO saw the light of day, we were there. After the logo and the web, we took care of their online and offline communication, event design, online advertising campaign and merchandise.

Jozef Jagušák Project Manager

IXPO Origins

It was following our suggestion that the client shortened the initial working title “Imagine Expo” into more convenient IXPO where the initial “I” would stand both for “imagine” and “innovation” and the remaining “xpo” would nicely keep its classic connotations. Our deepest concern was to produce a truly iconic brand which would be remembered after the festival was launched.

Project Management: Jozef Jagušák jr., design: Lukáš Vavrinec, 3D: Martin Marko, Motion Design: Jakub Koričanský, Development: Lukáš Knotek


The brand itself had to exceed the contents of the ongoing event so that we could twist it around in the forthcoming seasons. We built it upon a hand-written typography logo with elements which allow annual upgrades and we prepared a couple of its colour variations.


11:55 AM:


Web and Online Advertising Campaign

Working as a unifier, the line segments and characters of the brand were used on nearly all applications and formats, representing respectively each individual aspect of the festival and communicating its message to a multiple target groups varied in their interests and age.

TV Commercial

The work included preparing a written story, script, 3D and final implementation of a television commercial for IXPO Technology Festival 2019. The video was made by bringing together animation of the main event visuals, music background and voice.

Web Design

We had to come up with a web which would go far beyond the ongoing event. That was the only way how we could both fit in the limits of the pre-set design, yet keep considerable moving space for all the online and offline applications which obviously stood in front of us as the time went by.

Dodas 04:30 AM:

Have you got anything?

Lukas 04:42 AM:

A masterpiece!

Dodas 05:17 AM:

They´re heads are gonna blow up?

Dizajn 2.0

Fair enough, we were allowed to test the flexibility of the brand right at the beginning. Our original draft incorporated magenta in its colour scale, which in certain moment we had to alter – due to the corporate colours of the festival´s general partner. That is why we have a couple of colour variants prepared for the years to come.


11:55 AM:

It´s orange, but it isn´t an orange!