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Recent Projects Ikonika furniture

Ikonika furniture

Project scope
Branding, 3D, Photo Production, Web Development, Marketing Strategy

Like father, like son... Both extremely dedicated and skilled wooden furniture manufacturers founded after 12 years in business a new brand focused on mass production of furniture.

Jozef Jagušák Project Manager / Partner

When work smells good

It's a good thing to have a client who knows what he wants and with whom you match perfectly on all levels. Actually, it is the basic assumption for a long-term cooperation. In the span of a year and a half we delivered Ikonika Furniture branding, visual identity, website, design catalogue for architectural studios, video production, and launched over 40 successful online campaigns. And we are still not done yet.

Art Direction: Jozef Jagušák jr., Art Work: Lukáš Vavrinec; 3D: Martin Marko, Michal Včalka, Foto: Adam Husek, Copy: Marcela Heglasová, Web Development: Lukáš Knotek

Photo & Video Production

When defining the visual identity of the brand we were drawn to its natural habitat, the forest, from the very beginning. The photos and videos were taken in the early morning hours, when the first glimpses of light appear in the forest. It gives the photos a very specific atmosphere.


03.00 am: Wakey-Wakey!!!!!

Social & PPC

Photos, 3D and videos were featured in online campaigns focused on brand awareness and sales promotion. The success of the campaigns is confirmed by the continuous increase in conversions and measurable increased number of orders for Ikonika’s furniture.


Custom website was built on Laravel 8. We wanted it to speak a strong visual language, so it presents each furniture model in its natural environment. It allows customers to create personalized wishlist and create an online order. At this point it is very proper to add that the design of all products is original and created directly at Ikonika Furniture.

We have been working with Peter from Ikonika Furniture for a long time and we look forward to each of his new references. It's great to see a brand we've helped bring to life performing in such a natural and successful way.

Jozef Jagušák CEO / RECO Agency