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UX / UI design, Development, Print design, 3D, Copywriting

After 30 successful years on the market, HELIO, the Czech manufacturer of design lighting fixtures, has become troubled by marketing. Apart from a few print catalogues, which didn't even cover its entire portfolio, the marketing basically didn’t exist...

Jozef Jagušák st., CEO

Print: Jozef Jagušák st., Milan Mikula, Martin Marko; Online: Jozef Jagušák st., Jozef Jagušák ml., Lukáš Vavrinec, Lukáš Knotek

Product Catalogue 001

For HELIO, we assembled a new version of product catalogue that for the first time presented a complete portfolio of more than 300 hundred luminaires with a custom-developed numeric codebook enabling the customers directly generate orders. We are proud of our 3D renderings of all luminaires, spaces, installations and the overall graphic design of the catalogue.

The added value of the new product catalogue is that it keeps all the important information about the luminaire in one place and gives straightforward instructions on how to order it.

Jozef Jagušák st., CEO

This fancy briefcase is a truly fully custom design piece developed by Reco. HELIO dealers use it to sell the CORIDOR and MULITILINE luminaires. They carry samples of all the profiles, diffusers, and it's all wired and lit too. Soon you will see it in motion at every airport that means something.

The transformation of the print catalog into a new website with advanced filtering features and an order form was a massacre. But it was definitely worth it. The portfolio is now completely online and offers around forty thousand variants. The site performs perfectly.


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