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Recent Projects Daniela Hantuchová

Daniela Hantuchová

Project Scope
UX / Ui Web Design, Photo, Development

Colourful and multiply layered project with a brilliant concept and photos from Peter Kubalák. One of the most appealing projects which I had the chance to participate in as a web designer.

Lukáš Vavrinec Art director

Daniela Reloaded

Daniela Hantuchová, a high ranking Slovak tennis player, took us on board in the time when she was up to launch her own D-one brand in the market with nutrition products and dietary supplements for sportsmen – which would, in the same time, cover the activities of her own charity foundation. The role of the web was to bind all these activities together. Led by our photographer, we found some inspiration in the Inception film.

Project Management: Jozef Jagušák Jr., Web Design: Lukáš Vavrinec, Product Design: Lukáš Smiešny, Photography: Peter Kubalák, Development: Lukáš Knotek


The basic lines of the D-ONE brand, which became a leading element of the raw bar covers and the sport equipment, were formed by a typography logo with distinctive contours of letter “D”. Designing of the logo had to pass several stages of its own, with its final form reflecting on the attribute of femininity, which was Daniela´s initial aim.


Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Playful Above All

Just as Daniela didn´t want her presentations of sport activities and sportswear linked solely to tennis, neither we wanted to stick just to one or two colours. In the D-One brand, as well as in the web designed to support it, there are several bright colours used simultaneously.


Yummy, i love it!


When asked to join in, Peťo Kubalák, the photographer, came up with a brilliant idea to create props which would resemble the space-bending effects from the Inception film. Daniela and her team were really enthusiastic about the idea. The result to come exceeded our most daring expectations.

Web Design

Daniela´s new web, which focused on support and promotion of sport activities as well as activities of the charity foundation, had to serve also as an e-shop for her raw bars and D-One designer´s sportswear. The complex nature of the task asked for a user-friendly UX, so we gave it one.

Dodas 07:00 AM

Isn´t it too playful?

Lukas 07:10 AM

But she is playful!

Dodas 07:20 AM

You´re right, she does play well ☺!

Complex-But-Simple System

Taking into account the fact that, apart from the raw bars e-shop, the web contained information about a charity foundation, including a payment gateway to secure individual donations, we had to provide the web with two separate ways of payment routing with a high quality UX and a good-and-intelligible copywriting.


A 100 raw bars and a donation!