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Graphic Design, Conceptual Art

Each time there is an opportunity in our everyday routine to invest energy into our own artistic projects, or to support an artist – whether renowned or unknown – I keep saying to myself it´s something extra.

Milan Mikula Art Director

Art in Our Genes

The Agency was founded by artists, so it isn´t surprising that others keep coming, or gathering around. With some, the positive chemistry and common genes resulted in joint activities which moved us in RECO towards publishing activities.

Art work:
Milan Mikula, Jozef Jagušák Sr.

L´Art Pour L´Art

RECO has produced a number of monographs, single-author publications and promotion materials to support both renowned and beginning authors. As a byproduct we actually own quite a few pieces of art designed to promote other pieces of art.


In the book collection of Slovak National Gallery you can find several titles with graphical design and art concept by our art director, Milan Mikula.

National Prize for Design, i.a.

It is always a pleasant thing when people know of what you do. Receiving a reward makes it even better. Our art work brought us a couple of awards from the National Prize for Design. We were also awarded The Most Beautiful Book in Slovakia and the international WorldStar Packaging Award, among other things.


Milan Mikula, our art director, has always had his hand in some kind of performance art. Apartfrom his objects, installments and various forms of contemporary art, he focuses a lot on theatre and promotion posters.